1. Dance & music are my escape from life.
2. I can be kinda obsessive compulsive.
3. I can not stand hypocrites.
4. I care too much about my grades.
5. I'm not big on PDA.
6. I like all kinds of music.
7. I love musical theatre <3
8. Photography is a passion of mine.
9. I'm addicted to concerts. I've seen:
10. I ♥ hugs
11. I'm scared of hospitals, clowns, and suffocating/drowning.
12. I text in mostly proper English. Don't over abbreviate.
13. I'm a mac. PC's fail :3
14. I say rofl a lot.

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Dayumm, we have some awesome taste in music.

Posted by BananaNugg3ts on Jul 3, 09 2:32 am

Hahah, why yes we do :D

Holy jizz, I freaking love your song! Cobra starship is amazing

Posted by brunette925 on Jul 2, 09 5:42 pm

Yay. We have something in common. [:

Posted by BananaNugg3ts on Jul 1, 09 6:44 pm

I love all those too, lol

Posted by brunette925 on Jul 1, 09 4:29 pm

Um. I think it'd have to be a tie between Streelights,
The Horror of Our Love, and Love Me Dead.

Posted by BananaNugg3ts on Jul 1, 09 3:34 pm

Hm.. I think my favorite would be Scream, Scream, Scream
How bout you?

Posted by brunette925 on Jun 30, 09 12:33 am

Yup. I love Ludo; they're one of my favorite bands.
What's your favortie Ludo song? :D

Posted by BananaNugg3ts on Jun 29, 09 12:04 pm

Ah! You listen to Ludo? Haha I love them :)

Posted by brunette925 on Jun 28, 09 5:31 pm
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